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15yearold Viet Cong captured near Bu Dop vietnam
12/8/1967- Bu Dop, South Vietnam - A 15-year-old Viet Cong prisoner smokes a cigarette given him by his 1st Infantry Division captors.
... 15-year-old Viet Cong captured near Bu Dop | by manhhai
12/8/1967 Bu Dop South Vietnam A 15yearold Viet Cong prisoner smokes a
Soldier Guards Captured Viet Cong Youth : News Photo
BE082344 | by manhhai BE082344 | by manhhai
Troops Frisk Captured Viet Cong Youth : News Photo
Vietcong with an AK47. This photo speaks volumes of the kind of potential a rice farmer in sandals can have, simply by adding an AK.
A female Viet Cong combatant carrying supplies and a captured U.S. M1 carbine
Freelance woman war correspondent Jurate Kazickas, from New Rochelle, N.Y., comforts a wounded U.S. Marine after he was hit near the South Vietnamese ...
Viet Cong Weapons in Vietnam | captured cong 8230 u s soldier with a captured viet cong member note ...: Viet Cong Weapons in Vietnam | captured cong 8230 ...
A Viet Cong terrorist is dragged from behind a building in the Gia Dinh section of Saigon May 24th after a hand grenade was taken from him.
Captured Viet Cong Soldier (Corbis)
20 Nov 1969, Da Nang, Vietnam --- 11/20/1969-Da Nang, Vietnam-This battle-hardened 14-year-old boy recently served as a sniper for the Viet Cong.
Members of the 5th Viet Cong Division, D445 Battalion and some North Vietnamese soldiers in Phuoc Tuy Province, South Vietnam. These photos were captured ...
Vietnam War Rare Photos
North Vietnamese army soldiers. The soldier on the right was killed shortly after this photo was taken.
UNCENSORED HISTORY: Dark Chapters Of History: Images Of War, History , WW2: Why Were The Vietcong Able To Defeat America In Vietnam?
Members of the 5th Viet Cong Division, D445 Battalion and some North Vietnamese soldiers in
Viet Cong Youth Volunteer La Thi Tam counts bombs dropped by American bombers. This was to enable delayed-fuse bombs to be located and deactivated. 1967
14 Oct 1967, North Vietnam --- Captured American Pilot. North Vietnam: Capt. Charles Boyd, U.S. Air Force, is escorted by his captors to a "prisoners' ...
1962 A bayonet-wielding South Vietnamese paratrooper threatens a captured Vietcong suspect during an interrogation
Vietnam...the little ones would kill you too.
12 Apr 1968, South Vietnam --- A soldier of the 25th Infantry Division and his scout dog walk past the bodies of more than 50 Viet Cong killed in the " ...
Vietnam War 1967 - Troops Frisk Captured Viet Cong Youth - a photo on Flickriver
Viet Cong Women | D016-NLF-Viet-Cong-FEMALE-COMBAT-HERO-MEDALS-Vietnam-War-VC-ARCHIVE .
1968 - The battle for Saigon. ARVN soldier enters battle armed with toothbrush and playmate.
The Pulitzer Prize Winners Photography
Viet Cong Grenade | News Photo: Viet Cong soldiers armed with rifles and grenades…
Charlie Co 1/7 corpsman taken near Hill 270. ~ Vietnam War
Vietcong prisoners of war are escorted by a US soldier through rice fields during the Vietnam War. (Photo by MPI/Getty Images)
Vietnam War. Innocent children that got caught in the action, Shame. v@
History Wars American War, American Soldiers, Vietnam Veterans, Vietnam War, Vietnam History
Steve Moy WO1 Rattler/Firebird Pilot Firebird, Pilot, Vietnam, Pilots
William Calley | William Calley Pictures United States Army, Songs, Vietnam War, Goulash
Marine Guards Vietnamese Woman - taken September 11, 1965 ~ Vietnam War Vietnam War Photos
A popular photo of a Vietcong soldier raising his Soviet - PPSH 41 which is later
U1583835 | Historical awesomeness | Pinterest | Guerra de Vietnam, Vietnam and Guerra
Young Vietnamese Boy Being Frisked : News Photo
1973 - Two teenage Viet Cong soldiers at camp near Cai Lay, one carrying a captured U.S. automatic weapon, the other an anti-tank weapon
North Vietnam, Vietnam War Photos, Vietnam Veterans, American War, American History,
This is a typical Viet Cong soldier. These are the people that the American soldiers were fighting.
Dennis R. Decker, 3rd Marine Division 3rd Recon Charlie Company in Vietnam hamming it up at base camp in Da Nang with make shift water tanks.
Un soldat de Viet cong South Vietnam, Vietnam War, Viet Minh, First Indochina
Marines of “L” Company 3/5 take a rest on rocky terrain near Dong Ha
22 Feb 1968, Hue, South Vietnam --- Viet Cong suspects are guarded
Vietnam War soldiers with Nixon
Black soldiers celebrating MLK day in Vietnam
03 Nov 1967, Lộc Ninh, miền Nam Việt Nam ---03 Nov 1967, Lộc Ninh, miền Nam Việt Nam --- Hình ảnh người vợ của một người lính miền Nam Việt Nam đang ...
A South Vietnamese soldier uses the end of a dagger to beat a farmer for allegedly supplying government troops with inaccurate information about the ...
KYOICHI SAWADA Bong Son, Vietnam, 1966 An injured North Vietnamese soldier is led from
hmong soldier Military Veterans, Vietnam Veterans, Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam War Photos
Tools of the Trade General Sherman, Vietnam War Photos, Deceit, Semper Fi,
08 Nov 1967, Near Tam Ky, A stressed 1st Cavalry soldier is consoling his
Incredible Photos by Vietcong Photographers Taken During the Vietnam War | Vietnam War, Vietnam and Photographers
War: In this 03 Aug 1965 photo, an aged woman injured by a U.S.-Vietnamese air strike on a Buddist monastery 40 miles southeast of Saigon is carried to a ...
Pin by haroldfinch on medieval knights overthrow- merlin twist | Pinterest | Vietnam War, Vietnam war photos and Vietnam
United States Army, American War, Vietnam War, Usmc, Armed Forces, Daguerreotype
American Marines, Operation Prairie, near the DMZ during the Vietnam War, October 1966
A Vietnamese paratroopers is taking away a wounded Viet Minh prisoner from combat zone. ~
315th Vietcong and 69th PAVN Rgt. Reenacting Group
American Marines aid a wounded comrade during intense battle for Hill 484 as part of Operation Prairie being conducted near the DMZ during the Vietnam War ...
North Vietnam, Vietnam War, American War, Special Forces, 30 Carbine, Battle
North Vietnamese Army (NVA) "Nathaniel Victor"
Two Vietcong with an M-16 and a claymore mine. The VC made use of claymores for some of their more devastatingly effective booby traps.
Photo via Alan Chan Alan Chan, Military Weapons, Vietnam War
vintage everyday: Vietnam War 40 Years Ago: 75 Beathtaking Color Photos of the Fall of Saigon in April, 1975
Vietnam | Vietnam War, Vietnam, Vietnam veterans
This example was used by Australian forces who fought next to US
'Tunnel rat' Lance Corporal Ron Rockliffe 6RAR, of Campsie, NSW, prepares to drop into a Viet Cong tunnel during Operation Enoggera, June 1966.
South Vietnamese troops proudly display the weapons captured from the enemy.
327th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division | Military Heroes | Pinterest | Vietnam War, Vietnam and 101st airborne division
Viet Cong sapper squad. (Ly Way)
"Little Tiger"' allegedly killed two Viet Cong cadre, his mother and his teacher.
Vietnam Veterans, Vietnam War, Vietnam History,
Vietnam War 1969 | VIETNAM WAR PHOTO US MARINES 1/5 PATROL NEAR DANANG 1969 8x10 #21965
Blindfolded Vietnamese women suspected of being or collaborating with the Viet Cong - Vietnam War.
Eddie Adams - Black Soldier U.S. 1st Cavalry, Vietnam, 1966
U.S. Army helicopters provide cover fire for South Vietnamese ground troops attacking the Vietcong, March 1965.
US Marine - Vietnam war
Image result for 4th Infantry Division Vietnam 1968
Vietnã - Guerra do Vietnã
North Vietnamese soldier preparing to fire an SA-7 surface-to-air missile.
Vietnam veterans protest Jane Fonda event | Page Six REMEMBER Vietnam History, Vietnam War,
LIFE Cover: Deeper into the vietnam war (1965) Marie Curie
Viet Cong Grenade | Viet Cong Coke can grenade captured by Australian troops (3.bp .
"Members of Company B, 1st Bn, 5th Inf (Mech), 25th
A US Navy Corpsman cares for a Marine suffering from heat exhaustion, 1968. Vietnam
A book about the Hmong people of Vietnam and Laos, and their role in the Vietnam War.
Fire Base Ross. Compare with 34 M from Google Earth with coordinates at bottom center and direction at upper right.
Incredible Photos by Vietcong Photographers Taken During the Vietnam War
U1576650 | by manhhai U1576650 | by manhhai
captured Viet Cong flag in 1970 during the Vietnam War. #VietnamWarMemories North Vietnam,
ARVN troops, with their American advisers out of frame, escort captured Viet Cong.
Don North with Vietnamese cameraman Ngia near Da Nang.
Soldiers display a captured Viet Cong flag.
Viet Cong Weapons in Vietnam | The Ingenuity of the Viet Cong: Home-Made Weapons. | Peter Alan Lloyd
A Dead Vietnamese Soldier and his Plundered Belongings, Hue, 1968 Vietnam History, Vietnam
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